Revelations to me, reality for many

The month of May was apocalyptic. While the glaring issue of the coronavirus has continued to stall ‘normal life’, the recent murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd (the latter two state sanctioned) have reminded us of the disease still running rampant through America—the anti-blackness that turns any black man or woman into a threat just for existing. The fact that I’m not forced to be aware of that fact every day, like most black Americans are, is a humbling privilege.

I recently made a vow to do my best to buy only from small businesses or secondhand stores in order to reduce material waste and support my community; even more recently, I’ve decided to specifically support black owned small businesses. Besides the pressing and urgent need for legislation and reform to protect black Americans and hold police accountable for their life-endangering racism, we can support local/national black business owners by opening our wallets to them!

In honor of this personal vow, I am donating this batch to Project Row House’s Young Mothers Residential Program. In their own words, PRH is a “community platform that enriches lives through art with an emphasis on cultural identity and its impact on the urban landscape.” Their YMRP supports young single mothers with housing, counseling, and personal and professional development tools.

To find a list of black-owned restaurants in Houston, click the link:

For a list of Houston based black-owned businesses, click here:

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